Friday, 27 January 2017

wood and tea

Some time ago one particular piece of wood inspired me to make this kind of shape tea holder and I had to repeat that. This non-symmetrical shape feels nice in the hand and looks live. I am happy with this and will employ it as one of my designs. Also what I did with this piece is not using any oil or shellac to seal the wood. Although I use minimal amounts, recently I started to use just tea brew as a final care with some pieces/woods. It is sort of mate finish as I do not polish/sand the wood after applying tea, just brushing. Some benefits from this and I prefer the natural look and feel. We were talking about not using any varnish with Wu De from Global Tea Hut and Antonio from Caj-chaj teahouse and thanks to them I started to do this. Thanks tea brothers for setting me on this path! What is important here is that I employ certain techniques to achieve the desired look and some moist durability. I probably still will be using tea seeds oil and shellac resin as I like to work with it and they enhance wood grain but this is a nice option.

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