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bog oak form Lithuania

Some time ago I bought bog oak wood from Lithuania. I made some chashaku from this timber earlier. Time has come to make a scoop from it. This particular timber is on the soft side of the spectrum as for the hardness is concern but the wood is very beautiful and this should not be problem for caring person. This piece of wood has a live edges which I preserved and just enhanced with steel brush. I like how the profile came out and again as before I would like to mimic this in the
future. Working with bog oak is quite like working with coal, it has similar smell and you have black dust everywhere :)

another scoop from different timber

bog oak from Olomouc

Another beautiful example of the local bog oak from Olomouc. This one has brown-grey to green color. Amazing! Two different pieces pictured.

bog oak chashaku

First few chashaku from the bog oak. This wood comes from Lithuania.

where the grow of the wood meets the flow of the water

Another tea scoop from the water and time influenced wood. Naturally darkened spruce from the old forest pond. The wood is quite soft but very beautiful.

before applying shelac and oil