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match made in heaven...

...or was it on earth?

Wanted to share this wonderful color combination of black bog oak and nice orange/red hawthorn wood. I simply can't stop looking at this. I am also trying new matte finish here, both on scoop and tea pick. So far I am happy with it. Thanks for looking!

One would not say that all these wood chips comes just from carving this one scoop, I was surprised myself. I usually do not pay attention to this, but when I saw the shaving I thought that it is kind of interesting to see.

oak burl

Beautiful piece of oak burl as a TeaBridge.

tea tray

tea tray - slate in oak frame...piece of our old roof tile. Note the nail holes. I like the violet color of this swedish slate. Another piece of history living again. It reminds me of portable chalk board that were used in schools back in the old days. Joy to use, my tea life is complete. Tea ware by Petr Novak.