Sunday, 29 May 2016

ash and cherry

Another tea scoop from the 120+ years old ash wood from our garden and wild cherry tea pick. I think they would make a nice couple :) I was playing with the bottom of the scoop a little bit and created wavy surface. I already did this before, really like how this feels and looks.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

maple wood

I already posted about naturally blackened maple some time ago. I love this contrast between light and simple inside of the scoop which is good for the tea leaves to stand out and black or heavily ornamented outer surface. I am experimenting with different approach to the outer surface treating. You basically have three options here. You can leave it completely natural, you can sand a polish it a bit or you can remove some of the blackened layer which gives you very nice patterns. All three surfaces are very interesting and beautiful. I try to take a picture of it, hard to get on the photo.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

the shape

I am really happy with this new shape and just wanted to share another scoop made from the amazing oak wood I collected recently. This shape feels so nice in the hand, so pleasant to hold. Joy to touch this wood.

larch tea pick

Larch wood was one of the first woods I start using for making the tea picks. I usually work with smaller branches but this time I tried to use larger one which gives me more control over the grain.

wild cherry wood

This tea pick is made from the wild cherry wood I collect few days ago. Prior to this I made few scoops from the cherry wood but this wild cherry is even more beautiful. I like its reddish color and contrast stripes in the wood's grain. Wood has such a pleasant smell, so sweet and fruity, joy to work with.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


My neighbor was cleaning his workshop and was just about to burn some old walnut pieces, I couldn't let that happened. The wood is so beautiful, will be turned into something useful. The wood comes from a nearby village, it was a old tree on the village centre. First scoop from this wood.

tea picks

Some tea picks that I made recently. Trying different and new woods. I love to make these.



"creek wood" spruce


oak and yew

and another sample of the creek wood, pick rest


Little update after long pause. With ability to post multiple images on Instagram I decided to stop posting here as it took too much time ru...