Sunday, 14 August 2016

new tea pot

Gorgeous tea pot by talented Jan Pavek. He dig his clay himself, fired in anagama kiln, glaze is from the ash from the fire, unglazed inside - 60 ml. Really happy with this one, joy to use.

lovely pitcher

aged wood

Just wanted to share another oak scoop that I made recently. This wood comes from a giant and a very old tree. Particularly beautiful here is two layer structure and the crack.

oak wood tea pillow...although the wood is very old and heavily weathered, top surface could have been polished and looks great...shellac resin and tea seeds oil treated...I am very happy with this one

lovely grain on this beech wood

Sunday, 7 August 2016

wood for tea bridge the process of testing another wood for the tea bridge. I thing that this one goes really good with this tea boat as for the color concern. I also like how the color match with the teapot's handle, really enjoy using this one made by Andrzej Bero. Hawthorn wood is used here, in love with this one. It is a hard wood and the grain is just fantastic. I have recently collected quite a lot of this wood as they cut down a tree in the near orchard and I was able to stock some branches from it. I am very happy about this. Beautiful tea boat is work of Mirka Randova.


Little update after long pause. With ability to post multiple images on Instagram I decided to stop posting here as it took too much time ru...