Sunday, 13 March 2016

tea bridge - wood and clay

Petr Novák's pot on the tea bridge in Mirka Randová's boat.

I usually like to have something beneath my tea pot or cup when making the tea. A wooden coaster or something. I am using slate or other tea stone and I recently purchased tea boat made by Mirka Randová.  It is absolutely beautiful. From the beginning I knew that I wanna make a wooden coaster or something to put inside so the pot can stand on it. And I like the wood and pottery or stone combination, it adds warmth to it. So I dared to upgrade Mirka's boat with oak "tea bridge". I like how the pot is elevated from the boat and also how the water or tea is dropping from the bridge, it makes nice sound and it is beautiful to watch. I am quite happy with it, it is joy to use.

with Petr's cup




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