Sunday, 8 May 2016

oak wood

Few days ago I visited nearby deer-park. It is a very nice place with big and old trees. A huge branch broke off the very old oak. I collected some small pieces of wood chipped off the tree. The wood is amazing. Very light but rigid and lovely material to work with. The grain is outstanding.

When I work with piece of wood I try to save as much material as possible, because usually the piece is very unique and I won't find similar piece again. Make the most out of it. And sometimes I have to strictly respect the wood's shape. Like this time I had to adjust the scoop's shape and I like the shape quite a lot. It is a nice inspiration and I will try to mimic that and play with this shape in the future. I am very happy with this scoop and also that I found this gorgeous wood. I am looking forward to work with this very old and beautiful material.

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