Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Thanks to my friend who has a vineyards in South Moravia region I got hands on grapevine wood. He was cleaning vineyard from old vines and think of me as he knows what I am doing. The grapewood is very beautiful, surprisingly hard and nice to work with. I am looking forward to work with this gorgeous material, it reminds me of oak or walnut. As a wine lover this is special for me and I also sometimes help him on the vineyard or in the vine cellar and I get wine from him. I think that this is quite rare and unusual material as it is quite hard to come by, I was lucky.


  1. Ondrej, every time you post new work I mentally add it to my list of must-have pieces from you! Beautiful work as always!

    1. Thanks Albert, nice to hear that...stay tuned :)



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