Friday, 15 April 2016

trying new techniques

This was in my head for some time. I used steel brush to create a textured surface on this elder wood scoop. I usually sand and polish both inner and outer side of the scoop. Sometimes I follow the natural state of the outer surface leaving it as original as possible and sometimes I cut it and sand it so it is flat. This time just I enhanced the surface of this piece of wood. I rubbed it with steel brush to create a wrinkled texture on the surface and just slightly sanded and polished it. It feels very pleasant in the hand, soft and warm kind of the feeling and I love how it looks. Nice contrast to the highly polished inner side of the scoop. Here are some photos but one needs to touch it to fully appreciate. I think I will be using this technique when piece wood ask for it. One more thing, I haven't been working with black elder wood for some time, nice to come back to it. I have some beautiful wood from very old, long dead trees. Looking forward to this. I like wood's light color and clean simple grain so the tea stands out in it and the scoop doesn't distract.

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