Monday, 18 April 2016

cedar wood

Cedar wood has been attracting me for a long time. I always liked its darker reddish color compared to light colored spruce when using as a top wood for classical guitar. Years ago when I was visiting my friend and guitar builder I finally discovered its beautiful smell and totally felt in love with it. Last summer I visited my distant family in Vancouver B.C. and the smell of cedar wood was present everywhere in the forests. I remember when I was passing recently finished cedar wood fencing and I had to stop and just smell to the freshly cut wood for a while. I could stand there forever. I wasn't working with wood back then so I didn't bring any from my trip apart from some drift wood. If I were working then my suitcase would be filled with pieces of wood and they would probably stop me at the airport for trespassing the law. We are finally getting to the point why I am writing this. My friend gave me a piece of cedar wood so I naturally had to make a tea scoop from it. The wood is nothing special, very soft but I just like the smell of it and the fact that it's a cedar. The wood is incredible light and has a great resonance so when you are touching it or putting tea leaves in or out it makes nice pleasant sound. Also when you put it on the table it makes nice ringing kind of a sound. No wonder that it is used for guitar top making. Here are some photos of the scoop I made yesterday. Scoop is 16 by 4 cm and weight just 12 grams.

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