Thursday, 7 April 2016

bog oak scoop

After some time of contemplating I felt ready to touch the beautiful piece of bog oak I received. It is absolutely gorgeous wood with interesting texture and very pleasant sweet, kind of nutty smell. Also the grain is exquisite. It feels like you are working with piece of coal. Absolutely love this. I will hopefully get more of this wood. It comes from Olomouc, the city I was born near of. It was dig out near Morava river few years ago. I love that the wood is local. This wood is really magical. After polishing and oiling it is pitch black and has a incredible shine. The scoop size is 16 by 5 cm. I took some pictures this morning, I will take some more with better light later. I especially like the color contrast with green tea (gyokuro in this case).  Enjoy!


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