Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Chasing the unusual wood.

Lately, during my landscape wandering I was looking for some unusual, interesting wood and I was lucky to collect some very special pieces of wood. From time to time I will be posting about each of them. This is the first one. It comes from the old forest pond. The pond was recently totally rebuild and trees around the pond were cut down, kind of drastic interference. I am bit sad about it, the place was kind of magical. But at least I was able to collect some wood there. It comes from old trees around the pond, mostly roots from ripped trees. What really caught my interest was some old branches and stumps with roots which were for a long time under the water and they are darkened hardened from it. Not sure about this wood, it could be spruce. Really interesting material. These pictures are before applying oil and shellac. The wood will be much darker then. Will post it later.

Here is one shot - treated with tea seeds oil.

And this is the forest pond before renovation.

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